About MK Lakers Korfball Club in Milton Keynes

MK Lakers are a korfball club based in Milton Keynes

MK Lakers offer Korfball in Milton Keynes to young people over the age of 13 and adults

Korfball has been around in Milton keynes for over ten years. At the beginning a few people just decided to hire a hall, get together and start throwing the ball around. As interest grew, and more and more people started playing korfball a more formal structure was put in place. Over the years as players have come and gone, we’ve had a local league, entered regional leagues, been part of national tournaments and even international ones here and there.

Within the club, we have a great mix of beginners, intermediate and experienced players ranging in age from 13 to the over 50s. We’re a social bunch and always enjoy a visit to the pub after training and matches (Adults only of course!). As a mixed-sex sport, korfball is a great opportunity to meet new people and participate in physical activity year round.

MK Lakers currently have 2 competitive teams

Lakers 1
Play in SERL
(South East Regional League)

Youth team plays in SMKA
(South Midlands Korfball Association)

Adult training

We offer one coached training session per week for both our adult and youth members. We run a YEAR ROUND programme, with winter training/matches indoors and summer training/tournaments outdoors.

For our Youth Team

We run a joint training session for all players over 13. We The train outdoors during the Summer months and take part in various youth korfball tournaments.