Match report – Lakers 1 v Bucks – SMKA – 26 Nov 2017

With training in our new home with our new coach well underway, MK Lakers had the chance to see how they were doing with a match against Bucks. The core Lakers 1 team was boosted by a couple of Lakers 2 players to make up numbers. Would this affect the flow of the game and would any of them score?

Things started well with Lakers taking advantage of a unprepared Bucks defence to score a nice mid-range shot, courtesy of Victoria. Defence was a little scrappy but things began to settle down as the first half progressed. Attack tried putting into practice what Frank had been teaching about constant movement and dynamic collect and it seemed to work well, with Lakers racking up 9 goals in the first half. This included a goal for Emily on her debut and a nice penalty from Alfie.

Bucks weren’t going to take things lying down and Katie’s notorious accuracy was on display with a few excellent long shots. At the half-time whistle the score stood at 9-4 to Lakers.

The second half carried on where the first left off with plenty of shots going up and a fair number landing. A missed penalty prevented Lakers pulling away even further, but with the win looking even more certain the team began to relax a bit. Not wanting to be outdone, Jonny also scored a goal on his debut. Bucks continued to pile on enough pressure to keep the team focused, but couldn’t quite do enough to threaten the Lakers lead.

Final score: 14-8 to Lakers 1. Well played Lakers!

Players and scorers:

Victoria (4), Emily (1), Dan (2), Jonny (1)

Lianne (4), Lorelle, Alfie (1), Alex (1)