Match report – Lakers 1 v Cambridge Phoenix – SERL – 28 Feb 2016

After beating them the previous week, Lakers 1 travelled to Cambridge to play the away fixture to Cambridge Phoenix. This particular game started at 9.30 in the morning, causing the Lakers 1 side to set their alarm clocks for an eye-wateringly early time: no lay-ins for Lakers 1 this Sunday!

As Lakers 1 were missing Mandy, Nicki stepped up to join Lianne, Dan W and Ron for one end, with Chelsie, Emma, Gregg and Dan F at the other. Emma C and Derek kindly also made the journey to provide us with subs and support.

The early start seemed to have motivated the Lakers 1 side who, after a warm up, were ready and raring to go, feeling as though another win was achievable. The game started and it was Lakers who seemed to get into a comfortable rhythm quicker. Defensively they were solid and time after time cut out the long overhead balls that the Phoenix attacking end were trying to use.

The Lakers attacking end had to work hard, but it didn’t take too long for Lakers to score the first 2 goals, both coming from Chelsie. The ends swapped and the change from the normal Lakers line-up showed: the attacking end didn’t really get a chance to get a comfortable attack going, whilst the Lakers defensive end were also finding their feet. Phoenix used this to their advantage and put up 2 quick goals, bring the score level to 2-2.

From this point onwards Lakers picked up momentum and scored the next goal. It was upwards from there with Phoenix not scoring any further goals that half. The Lakers defence became absolutely solid and the attacks all had brilliant movement with some accurate shooting and solid assists from the whole team. The team worked calmly and cohesively with multiple shot attacks where the ball was recycled. Phoenix were heavily pressured in defence by Lakers and they struggled to overcome this, having many one-shot attacks with Lakers always winning the ball after the missed shot.

Half time score was 8-2 to Lakers.

Lakers went into the second half calm and collected. They continued with the same type of defensive game play and pressure on the opposing team. Phoenix clearly hadn’t given up hope. They had made some half time alterations to their game play, and attacked harder taking closer shots to the post. This rewarded them with a further 6 goals this half.

Lakers had a good variety of goals scored among a variety of players. The goals were consistently being scored and Lakers didn’t ever look in danger of losing their lead.

Final score: 21-8 to Lakers

Players and scorers

Chelsie (c) (4), Emma (3), Dan F (4), Gregg (1)

Lianne (3), Nicki, Dan W (3), Ron

Player of the match: Lianne