Match report – Lakers 2 v Bucks 2 – SMKA – 14 Feb 2018

Fresh from the Christmas break, though without a new year training session before the match, could Lakers 2 repeat their previous success against Bucks 2?

Bucks clearly hadn’t over-indulged on the mince pies and got straight into the action, taking an early lead with two quick long shots. This woke up the Lakers players and the defence improved from there, though they remained trailing behind for the rest of the first half.

Things began to pick up as the second half progressed. After racing out the starting blocks Bucks began to lose focus slightly and momentum swung to Lakers. Had the match lasted longer, who knows what would have happened, but as it was Lakers 2 managed to pull it back to a draw

A shaky start for Lakers 2, but they kept their heads well and dug deep to force a draw. Final score 12-12.

Players and scorers:

Emily (2), Lianne (4), Alfie and Jonny

Lorelle, Emma (5), Mathhew (1) and Ross