Match report – Lakers 2 v Bucks 2 – SMKA – 26 Nov 2017

Hot on the heels of a Lakers 1 win against Bucks 1, Lakers 2 had the chance to try their luck against Bucks 2.

It was a case of youth v inexperience as Lakers 2 set out to make it two wins for two against the Bucks beginner team. Things started well in attack, with lots of good shots and game play. Things were a little over-exuberant in defence and a number of free passes were awarded to Bucks. Luckily they were not able to convert them and the Lakers side settled down as the first half progressed.

Lovely goals from Ross, Emily and Johnny (plus one each for ringers Lianne and Victoria) meant Lakers went into half-time in a strong 6-0 up position.

The second half progressed well, with several lengthy, multi-shot attacks and good recycling of the ball. Tight defence also cut out many of the Bucks shots, though one did slip through.

An excellent game from Lakers 2 with a final score of 9-1.

Players and scorers:

Emily (1), Victoria (1), Ross (2) and Matthew (1)

Lorelle, Lianne (2), Jonny (2) and Tom