Match report – Lakers 3 v Lakers 2 – SMKA – 11 Apr 2016

A Monday night clash can mean only one thing – Lakers v Lakers – and last night was no exception as Lakers 2 faced Lakers 3 on their home turf.

With the return of Mike and Alan, Lakers 2 were at full strength and expected to come away with a win. However, Lakers 1’s Dan F had been coaching the 3rd team for several months and they were also fielding some new (to Lakers) players who had played before. We all know nothing is certain in the world of korf so could Lakers 2 get the win?

Lakers 2 settled into the game quickly and starting pulling away with the lead straight off the bat, putting up a mixture of shots. Lakers 3 put up a good defence, and Dan F continued to coach from the sidelines (or should that read actually on the court, Dan!) However the Lakers 2 experience was too much for the third team. There were good movements and plays from Lakers 3 but the accuracy and nonce of Lakers 2 shone through with a half time score of 15-1.

Lakers 2 then made a decision to not allow running in shots in the second half of the game. With Lakers 3 aware of the change of style, this gave Lakers 2 a harder second half, as Lakers 3 could concentrate on more specific defensive play. Lakers 3 started to put a more structured attack into operation and were rewarded with several shots on target. Lakers 2 however came away with the win: 25:5.

Lakers 2 highlights: great collecting from Mike, Victoria and Kelly, awesome long shots from Joe, David and Chelsie, and strong solid play from Derek and Alan.

Thanks to Mandy for reffing!

Players and scorers

Emma (c) (5), Chelsie (5), Joe (3), Mike (1)

Kelly (2), Victoria (1), Dave (7), Alan (1st half) (1), Derek (2nd half)

Player of the match: Joe

Match report by Emma