Match Report – Lakers M v Lakers W – 10th Nov 2013

Yesterday saw the first Lakers V Lakers match of the new season. We were inundated with players with both teams able to field subs – a brilliant turn out and a great atmosphere between our friendly club members.

With Ronald making his debut for Monday’s team and after both teams beating harrow 2 last week, it was in the balance as to which way it would go!

Here is the match report from Nicki – our Wednesday team captain (so it’s from the W perspective)

This Sunday’s match saw the first face off between Lakers Monday and Lakers Wednesday; after last week’s back to back triumphs over Harrow 2, who would be the victors when we played each other?

With Lakers M setting up first we carefully matched our players to theirs; ensuring Dan and Ronald pitched their skills against one another rather than running rings around the rest of us!

Dan set Lakers W off to a good start scoring a penalty and a 2nd goal in close succession. Tight marking from both teams and closely contested balls resulted in penalties and free passes being awarded to both sides; with Lakers W taking advantage of more of them and safely securing the lead.

Lakers M managed to sneak their goals in, in between Dan’s five goal scoring fest, keeping us on our toes!

On our side, Alan’s first goal was called as defended, which just made him more hungry to maintain his current goal average. Success came in the second half and Alan got on the score sheet for the 3rd game running; quite an achievement and a scoring streak we all hope to see continue. Mark also made his season’s debut on the score board this week, setting the Sanderson scoring challenge into action! More goals from the girls with Jeni and Victoria scoring lovely long shots and I scored a running-in after a super feed from last minute sub Derek.

The 10-6 final score doesn’t quite reflect the friendly yet closely contended game that finished nicely at The Enigma!

Wednesday Team and Scorers:

Dan (5), Alan (1), Mark (1), Jimmy (subbed), Derek (last 10 mins), Victoria (1), Emma C, Nicki (1), Jeni (1, half game), Kerry (half game)

Monday Team (Scorers to follow)

Ronald, Grant (first half), Colin (second half), Jim, Graham, Cecile, Jo (second half), Montse (first half) Kelly (Captain), Katie