What is korfball?

Korfball is an exciting mixed team sport

It’s played indoors most of the year, with a shorter outdoor season in the summer. It’s a bit like netball, a bit like basketball – but BETTER!

Korf is the Dutch word for basket, and korfball would be grouped with basketball and netball but is distinct from both those games in several ways. It is a mixed gender team game (4 men and 4 women per team) and enables people of all ages and types to play together successfully. It is a passing game and teams score goals by ‘shooting’ the ball into a korf (basket) on a pole 3.5m high. The game is tactical as the aim is for an attacker to get free of a defending player in order to shoot legally. All attacking players assist this positioning. An attacker may not shoot if a defender is in the right position, even if he/she is taller than the defender and can get the ball over their head. Girls defend girls and boys defend boys, but all players pass and assist each other to score.

Korfball originated in The Netherlands in 1904. It was developed by a teacher who wanted all of the boys and girls in his school to be able to play a sport together, and one that would involve team-work, cooperation, sportsmanship, agility and strength.

We have recreational teams and teams that play in local leagues – so you can choose your level. Our sister team, MK Bucks play in the SERL regional league so there are always opportunities to play at a higher level.

Korfball in the UK

Korball players 4,138
UK clubs 76

Korfball is...

  • Quick paced
  • Collaborative both on the court and off, many players have made great friendships
  • Easy to learn (difficult to master)
  • Inexpensive to enjoy, all you need is trainers, shorts and a t-shirt

See korfball in action