Come and try a new sport in Milton Keynes with MK Lakers Korfball club – the ONLY mixed-sex, extremely social sport in and around the Milton Keynes area!

We’ve already gained 6 new members who have moved to Milton Keynes recently. So if you’re new to Milton Keynes, like activity, sport, being social and want to meet men and women, korfball is the PERFECT sport to try.

We know lots of people are moving to or near Milton Keynes from afar looking to meet new people, keep active and maybe try a new sport – well korfball is probably your answer.

Activity, social club

Don’t just take our word for it, here’s one of our newest members Gemma…

“I had completed university in Sheffield and wanted to make sure I got a job within my degree profession – Environment Studies, so was happy to move wherever I could go to find the right job. I tried lots of other activities in the area to meet people, but they were either single sex and very ‘clicky’ or just not active and social enough. I found korfball and MK Lakers on a local sports website and thought I’d give it a go. I literally fell in love with the sport within the first session and joined before my third session, I’ve now started playing matches with my team mates and have been on two socials within a month.”

“Korfball is such a great sport, not only because it’s active, fun and competitive, but being mixed-sex there’s less politics, it feels less pressured and it’s not so scary walking in the first time, everyone has been really friendly – plus there is such a range of ages, you don’t have to worry, even if you’ll be the baby or the granny of the group you’ll always feel welcome!”

Korfball player in Milton Keynes

Korfball takes the lead from both basketball and netball and is similar that you have two baskets and a similar sized court, but men and women play on the court together (men mark men and women mark women) and everybody gets a chance at attacking and defending, so it’s a great all round sport.

MK Lakers Korfball Club

MK Lakers is a thriving club with both youth and adult members. What gym can you say offers you a guaranteed social circle with both men and women, social events, physical activity AND the chance to play competitively for your team?

Sold? Why not come along to one of our training sessions… or drop us a line on Facebook to have a chat.